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City of Toronto tree protection madness: Part 3

The Committee of Adjustment is all good with Caroline's plans. She wants to plant three trees in place of one that will be removed. Oh no you don't, say the Forestry folks.

Back in June of this year (see story here), Caroline wrote to us about her battles with the City of Toronto Forestry folks.

Caroline, doing a new build on her 60 foot lot, wanted to replace one of the two Norway Maples on her property with THREE new trees, at her sole expense. The one tree that would be removed, would allow for a double driveway.

The City said no – and that the driveway she wanted to build would have to BEND around the tree. It would be a skinny, single driveway at the road, then expand to a double driveway in front of the garage. Caroline emailed us yesterday with an update…

Back in June I contacted you about cutting a city of Toronto tree down. Well here’s my update. No, don’t get excited: it’s not solved. It turned out that we had to go to Committee of Adjustment for the most minor of minor variances. That happened today and they passed our building plans. BUT we can’t get a permit to build until Forestry sort out this tree. And we can’t deal with that until we get the CoA letter in 20 days! As it stands right now, Forestry has told CoA to deny our building variances! Right now Forestry is adamant that no living tree will be cut down. Forget the fact they messed up 60 yrs ago and planted two trees on our property, when every other lot on our street only has one. So we are being punished for their mistake.

For the record, the tree in question is a Norway Maple. It’s in fair shape, at best. It’s not even a native tree – as Forestry now wants to see planted. We have offered to plant three trees in its place!

There is no logic to this policy. It is too blinkered and ignores the fact that many people just cut their tree(s) down and/or pave right around their trees. But here we are, trying to do the right thing, and getting punished. CRAZY!



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