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Comment about Bleasby’s article “kicking our addiction to A/C”

Casey Edge of the Victoria Residential Builders Association sends us some interesting links

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May 10, 2019 by canadiancontractor

Re: John Bleasby’s May 7 post about “Kicking our addiction to A/C.” This is a good balanced article concluding “Air conditioning is probably here to stay.” Even if AC is not an immediate need, some builders of very energy efficient homes are now recommending designs that can accommodate future mechanical cooling.

In addition, here are some links:

“There are lots of ways that design can keep us cool, but in the end we are going to need building science and yes, probably a bit of AC. ”

“I’m increasingly feeling that passive cooling won’t be enough as climate change advances and cooling loads increase. I’m now recommending that in most locations, even if passive conditioning is to be relied on initially, buildings be designed so that they can accommodate mechanical cooling measures down-the-road.”

“Researchers from Coventry University tracked temperatures inside eco-homes over three summers and found 72 per cent failed their design criteria. Architect Lynne Sullivan, a member of the Passivhaus Trust, said: ‘There is a danger of overheating in all homes built to the new regulations, particularly flats, and we have been warning the Government.’”

My Eco-Home Nightmare



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