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Comment on the Crane Girl charges being dismissed

"Not sure if I totally agree with the judge."

Here is a comment about the Toronto Crane Girl, who climbed a crane as a prank, and then got stranded up there, last April. She shut down a job site for a day and tied up multiple emergency service units at the area for hours. She received zero punishment from the court, as reported here.

Not sure if I totally agree with the judge. She shut down the work site for the day causing costs to the site developer and a day’s loss in wages among the site’s workers and sub-trades! Also causing the city costs for emergency workers for the rescue and possibly taking time away from real emergencies.

I think she should have been ordered restitution to some extent including many hours of community service to reflect on her actions. Possibly some of the service work would have given her a more positive outlook on life, helping her through her emotional state. I don’t think she needed a permanent criminal record or anything serious.

Derek Pallister

Editor’s Comment: We did not report in our post, but she did do community service hours – to the satisfaction of the judge – prior to her appearance in court.



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  1. Jeff says:

    That was super fake. No way she fell from the top and landed on the lifting block. Fire fighter are propaganda fakes.

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