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Comment on the contractor who got cash from homeowner’s wife – after homeowner refused to do cash deal

"There is SO much wrong with his scenario," says veteran contractor Darryl Labay

Last week, a homeowner posted a comment.

He said a contractor had asked him for a cash deal – and he’d said no way. But the contractor came by the house when he was out, and got the cash from the man’s wife!

Here’s a comment from contractor Darryl Labay…

There is so much wrong with this scenario. It never ceases to amaze me on what goes on out there: like this clear-as-mud verbal contract from the sound of it. Yes, this industry is full of so-called “contractors” who will take advantage of clients’ ignorance and trust. But, at the same time, this client had already red flagged the contractor when he was asked to pay cash and refused – so he should never have hired him. It should be very simple: cash or cheque up front with a pre-determined amount for deposit with progress payments on remainder and a detailed estimate stating exactly what work is to be done. Any extra charges to be discussed with the customer before commencement of that work. Simple, all in writing. The only thing right here is that the homeowners admits he has learned his lesson and is willing to eat his mistake. Yes, get rid of the contractor, the bleeding will never end.

This year has been never-ending bailing clients out from previous contractors who have done everything wrong and all had to be ripped out and started over. What they have in common: nothing in writing, or a completely vague description, and taking all of the money up front before completion.

Darryl Labay


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