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Comments on Ontario premier Wynne’s plan to hike minimum wage by 32 per cent

The Liberal PR folks found a small business in Windsor which LOVES it!

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June 16, 2017 by canadiancontractor

Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne has announced her government’s plans to raise the province’s minimum wage to $15 from its current $11.40, within 18 months.

Labour minister Kevin Flynn was in Windsor, yesterday, promoting the policy at a small, family-owned sign manufacturing company called Oliver Signs.

Third generation co-owner Chris Oliver applauded the 32 per cent hike in payroll to any minimum wage employees the business has. (We don’t know if they have any.)  “It only makes sense that, if you work full-time, you earn a liveable wage,” Oliver told the Windsor Star.

We are not sure how difficult it was for the Liberal PR folks to find a small business which loves this news. 

Here is a comment from a contractor that, we think, is typical of many of our readers… 

And now Ontario wants to raise the minimum wage… Contractors will have to charge more for their work to be paid for by the people that just got a wage increase… so they will go to the black market… which means less tax money…
Just frustrated!!!!!!!!




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4 Comments » for Comments on Ontario premier Wynne’s plan to hike minimum wage by 32 per cent
  1. Ray says:

    What has this government with Kathleen & Justin actually done for the business or taxed people. They have not ever created a better economy but spend out of control ! Now the wage increase only means that everyone above minimum will need to get raised up and the Ontario government collects more taxes out of the higher wages. All just a ploy as usual. Time to get theses two Politicians out and get someone in that knows business and no bullshit !

  2. Kyle says:

    Does no one see what she is really doing here ?. The Fiberals are so far in debt that this is the only way they can raise enough money to even come close to paying it back. Consider this, A person making $11.40 an hour working full time is probably making around $20,000 per year. Put that same person at $15 an hour and I bet they are over $25,000 and that puts them in a different tax bracket all together doesn’t it. More pay, more taxes, less jobs and probably the best way to kill an economy stone dead. This raise will only cause the price of everyday consumables to jump at the same rate, therefor making it null and beneficial only to the government as an increase in income tax and everything that goes with it.

  3. Marten says:

    lowering our hydro rates, increasing minimum wage, giving the 2 biggest government union employees new contracts with wage increases. All roads lead to Kathleen trying to keep her job. Sure hope everyone else in Ontario see this as well. Can’t wait for the next election. I am involved with the street rod/custom car scene. Should hear what they are saying and what this government is doing to this hobby.

  4. Jason shields says:

    We are In a day and age where the government does not govern anymore. It’s a business and they do not really care about the average person. They get paid very good $$ awesome pension and lots of other goodies and perks. It’s a joke. We are the sheep! All they are doing is putting us in a hole that we cannot get out. It will collapse eventually. Almost did in 2007 in the good ole u.s.a. it’s going to hap0en again. Greed is driving everything up up up. Greed is the driving force. Everybody wants a piece of the pie. We are screwing each other and out children as well. Driving up housing costs..thats done by us. By greedy people who just so happen to have the money to overpay,and not even caring about what it’s doing. Food prices..gas..hydro rates..taxes. That’s all government….they don’t govern..shitty policies…etc. and want to tax every 6 mths. Minimum wage going to $15 is only going to drive prices up even more…nobody has a brain..nobody has noticed the price increases everytime the wage goes up? Wake up people? Get your head out of your butts…lol. blind? I’ve been watching it for 2 years.1.90 for a coffee? It’s only worth a $1…lmao.remember $3.99 combos? $9-12 now! Big jump. Remember Mike Harris said or.on welfare can go eat tuna and Kd? Tuna was 77 cents a can then..up to 2.79 now…lol.33 cents for Us then..1.77 now..lmao. rent then you could get a 3 bedroom house for $800 mth up to $1800…wow! I work..always have..always make good $. But now that money isn’t really good $$. Cost of everything has just eradicated it! And you know What? It’s only going to get worse….lmao. it never stops. Prices did not go up like they do nowadays compared to before the late 80’s. Early 90’s..then for some reason shit just changed..maybe free trade? Not sure! Basically we are getting screwed and at the sometime screwing each other. Want a good example? NURSES and hospital workers! We need them..they go to school..for a few yrs. Nothing like a doctor…not even close! But every contract..they want more..and more..and more…it doesn’t stop. Do they not realize that they are of no help to the health care system that they surely use themselves and for their make sense? Cost for health care itself is really beyond etc. Meds. It won’t anymore one day here. They don’t get day the gov will say forget it..get insurance.we cannot afford it anymore. It’s coming…then after that it will be education. Going to have to pay. Could be 50 yrs from now who knows..but it’s going to happen….in 20 yrs from now..garunteed! If nothing changes,you will see families living in tents. In the city parks. People just will not be able to afford…even phone,cable and internet. It’s too much. Hydro rates are going to drive business out of here..what factory is going to want to pay these rates,and still pay wages..lmao. I think the government knows. They want manufacturing gone. Look at the past 20 yrs..all the big companies are GONE! The place I work..tgeir hydro bill is like $30,000 a month….lmao!