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Consumer closely studies technical specs for triple pane windows, claims to have been ripped off

Elizabeth Muckle says she involved Consumer Protection Manitoba in her complaint

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January 11, 2019 by canadiancontractor

I ordered 15 triple pane windows from Home Depot for my house in Manitoba. They requested 50 per cent of the price up front, which we put through on my credit card. When they came to install them, they first removed all existing windows and then installed the new ones. But they did not repair the living room window frame which they had promised to do if inspection warranted. The smell of the caulk was nauseating and attracted bugs that fall and the next spring. I scraped ice off the interior of the windows throughout the winter. I studied windows and found that these had no permanent label as to manufacturer, as legally required. The removable sticker indicated the width of the window unit was wider than, in fact, it was. Information from NRC energy efficiency office told me that the space between panes was not acceptable. Each space was to be approx 1/2 inch. Yet the removable labels said they were CSA rated and Energy Star rated…

Home Depot promised to address my concerns but tried different angles to evade the error. Consumer Protection (Manitoba) negotiated that if I paid additional money (approx $7,000) then Home Depot would provide the correct windows. They told me first of all the windows were made in Quebec and later they said they were made in Ontario. The display windows in the Winnipeg HD store had the correct Code spacing and labelling. The HD salesman told me that HD had a large legal department. Can anyone come up with a way to make HD provide me with triple pane windows that are to Code ?

Elizabeth Muckle



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