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Contractor fell through ceiling, now getting stiffed by the client

Life as a renovation contractor isn't always as much fun as most people make it out to be!

January 12, 2018
By canadiancontractor

Everyone feel free to weigh in on this one.

Hi guys and gals:

I am a contractor. I am getting screwed over on a job. The client keeps moving the goal post and has used the “blurry” tactic. They have changed their mind on several tasks that were to be done on the jobsite. Their have been delays on both parts, one accident (I fell through the ceiling), delays due to products purchased by the homeowner, a delay on the glass that was ordered, delays on my undiagnosed health condition. Needless to say, there were some issues. Now I am trying to get paid for the completion of the work. They have re-evaluated the bill, and have made their own deductions. What are my options?

Steve Edwards

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  1. Larry T says:

    Unfortunately in this day and age, that’s just about all on you.

    The errors and unsafe practices you take on are obviously yours, and the changes clients are making are completely covetable in a decent contract. If they are clearly breaking the contract or not paying for any items agreed by both parties, set up the Lein and get ready for the ride. No ones gonna win, but at least you can hopefully come to a somewhat level ground, with the court’s help. Sorry for your luck.

  2. Marten says:

    Could use more info here. How much money is involved? What relationship do you have with them? What are your costs verses what they will pay? How have they been throughout the job? What is your health like now? Stress level? Sometimes although hard it is best to walk away. I have, sucks for sure as you deserve what you ask for. But your health, that is important as well.

  3. Chris VB says:

    Live and learn—any changes during the job as mentioned, should get a “signed” p.O. -purchase or change order….any changes or additions are “extras” that would be in your one page contract ie “any changes or additions will be signed as additional /change orders”…this is your education and have paid for it through this situation so accept it (or put a lien on it as pointed out as your right…or small claims them/go after them for not following their contract if this is a blatant attempt to screw you- i have met several “fraudulent” people that do this in an attempt to defraud from paying full price over the years….it does happen, and is criminal …visit a justice of the peace to lay personal charges if this is the case )

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