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Contractor reaction to the Ontario election result (2)

It's a good thing the Liberals are out, says Questo. "They created an apparatus of tax collection on the trades."

It’s about time that the Ontario Liberals are gone. Let’s see if things will improve in Ontario. Shortages of trades people? Who is to blame? It is the ratios system. It is the province acting like a collection agency on trades people. It is inspections on “compulsory” trades (Ontario College of Trades). It’s an insane amount of BS. Trades people in this province haven’t got much freedom to operate. The nanny state needs to tell the trades people what to do at all times, apparently. It’s comparable to slavery.

Now regarding education, trades training in Ontario falls well short compared to the rest of the world. Yet some people say that trades people that come here from other countries may have fake licenses… Well, these so-called fakers come here to work. A lot of them speak many languages and have better trades training and experience. So where is the problem?

Our own government is to blame for not listening and for not taking the time to fix things the right way. Instead of serving the province, they instead created an apparatus of tax collection on the trades people. Does this help?

The Liberals destroyed apparently everything they touched. 15 years in total misery in Ontario, and an enormous debt to pay. What a mess. There was never a shortage of crooked politicians in this province.



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