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Controversial political bumper stickers on your van or truck. It is worth it?

His TRUMP bumper sticker got "more positive reaction than negative," says a Barrie, ON contractor

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June 16, 2017 by canadiancontractor

Last week, we linked to a story in the Toronto Sun, in which a homeowner in the US had found the contractor of their dreams – only to have real problems hiring them because of their TRUMP sticker on their work truck.

We asked contractors to let us know if they worried about offending customers with… say… a TRUMP sticker.

Here is one reply…

I did it! I had a Trump 2017 bumper sticker on my work van for a year before the election. I bought a few at a gas station in Florida in 2016. I work in the Barrie, ON area and I had way more positive reaction to it, than negative. I do mostly ICI work, but seriously, if a customer told me they found my political opinion offensive, I would just pack up and leave. Being self-employed does have its benefits!

Mark Mitchell



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