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Cost/benefits of sprinklers in new homes not justified, he argues

"Technology like the Haven will offer improved safety for much less cost and make expensive concepts obsolete."

Re: Task force calls for sprinklers in new homes

Fatalities from fires actually decreased from from 141 in 2010 to 96 in 2014, despite the fact that Canada adds about 200,000 new homes a year or a total of about 800,000 new homes during that time period. A CMHC study also shows fire related deaths are decreasing and that 36 per cent of fatalities take place where there are no functioning smoke alarms. BC regulations now require wired-in smoke alarms in new homes, so the homes most at risk are older homes, which is also true for seismic hazards, asbestos, antiquated wiring, etc. The fire associations/sprinkler associations have always advocated for sprinklers in new homes and the reason it hasn’t been done in the National Building Code is because the cost/benefit is not justified – the facts don’t support mandatory sprinklers in new homes. But they keep trying. In addition, technology like the Haven will offer improved safety for much less cost and make old expensive concepts obsolete.

Casey Edge, Victoria Residential Homebuilders Association


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