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Covid-19: We are running out of time

April 8, 2020
By Rob Blackstien

Last week, Canadian Contractor columnist Casey Edge wrote about how housing was essential during this crisis.

Not everyone agrees, and really, it’s been a contentious issue across the nation over the last week or two. Lino Vitorio offered up the following opinion, which pretty much cuts through to the heart of the matter:

Everything needs to be put on hold. All closing dates should be pushed forward. No one moves. Everyone stays where they are. Only construction necessary for health and safety reasons is allowed, such as hospitals. We are putting ourselves and others at risk. Self isolation will not flatten the curve if half the population is out working. We are not an essential service at this time. We do not have the necessary conditions, facilities and equipment to ensure the safety of construction workers. We are putting them and their families at risk.

We are delaying the inevitable if we don’t stop now. Are we waiting until our workers get sick and we have no choice but to shut down? Let’s help flatten the curve and stop now. We must all self isolate. We are running out of time.

Contractor Nation? What’s your take on this situation? Your opinion here is likely the only one that counts.

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  1. Ian says:

    Good morning guys,

    We agree with Lino 100 per cent. The people who have taken it upon themselves to do their due diligence and self isolate, as recommended over three weeks ago, are the ones that need to stay strong right now. The list of “essential businesses” that were released for Ontario was a joke. Anyone and any business could fit into that list if they wanted to. Everyone, (excluding true essential services, we all know who they are) with no exceptions, should stay home and self isolate until this virus is under control.

    If it’s six months, then that’s what it is, stay home. Everyone’s losing business, money, etc., get a helmet guys. We’re talking about the possibility of losing hundreds of thousands of people in a very short, aggressive time period. Stay home. The fact that there’s a few thousand people hanging out on the Lakeshore boardwalk everyday is a true sign of the mentality of people out there.

    Everyone truly believes that their “boredom” or lack of consumerism is the important part of all of this. That mentality, in my opinion, is why something like this happens and becomes the beast that it is right now. Humanity’s ego and greed. These two components of us/our society is literally the root of everything s**t that goes on across this planet. Day to day, month to month, year to year for the last few centuries. Time to stop thinking of ourselves guys, This isn’t about you.

    Our government, our society tells people that they can’t be “wrong” and that no one can tell you “no” on account of it possibly insulting a person’s character. Well, I’ll take one for the team, anyone who isn’t an essential service and continues to not stay at home is wrong and you’re affecting a lot of people by being ignorant and defiant. Staying home is the only thing everyone can do to help prevent the spread of this virus. Maybe it’s just me, but this seems like a no brainer.

    Everyone always wants time off from their day to day lives, here it is served on a platter guys. Stay home.

  2. Casey Edge says:

    BC established home construction essential service with regulatory guidelines. Quebec shut down construction & Ontario imposed significant limits. Yet BC leads in flattening curve

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