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Dispensing with GreenOn rebate program in Ontario, without a replacement plan, was unwise

Whatever you may think about the paperwork and bureaucracy of government subsidized renovation programs, they DO keep the cash operators out of the game

Immediately upon taking office, Ontario’s new premier Doug Ford started to take a hatchet to environmental programs, such as Cap and Trade carbon pricing and – of note in our industry – the  GreenOn rebate program.

Under the GreenOn program, homeowners could get subsidies for things like insulation and new windows. No more, said Ford. 

Ben Polley, one of Canada’s most knowledgeable and experienced green builders, had this to say…

Agreed as quoted in your story that the GreenOn program had its flaws. I am not certain, however, that dispensing with it in the absence of any plan at all, and doing so without any consultation… or warning is a better plan.

I expect the one thing that tradespeople and suppliers can agree on is that GreenOn incentivized owners to conduct insulating and window install work above board. By contrast, light renovations of this sort too easily go underground. When this happens, it is a lose-lose for legitimate trades/businesses, consumers and the tax paying/benefitting public in general.

Ben Polley, Evolve Builders Group, Guelph, ON


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