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Sign the petition to speed up Prompt Payment legislation

Prompt payment legislation is already in place in most US states and in most European countries. Contractors already have a tough-time getting paid on time. We urge you to sign the petition (see the link in the story) to speed up the passage of this bill in Ontario.

January 22, 2014
By Alec Caldwell

Ontario is out to become the first Province in Canada to put into law “prompt payment” legislation. If you are a contractor and you want this to happen, please help and take time to add your name to the petition here

Many contractors and sub contractors are not aware of Bill 69, the Prompt Payment Act 2013 in Ontario. The Bill has passed second reading in the Ontario legislature and the next process is for it to go to the Standing Committee on Regulations on Private Bills where it will undergo a public consultation process. The Committee stage is an important final step before the Bill can be called to the third and final reading.

Countries like the UK, the majority of U.S. states, the European Union, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand have such laws in place.

Many organizations are currently behind this bill coming in to effect and are urging the Ontario government to pass this prompt payment legislation. While the bill seems to have verbal support of all parties, the government appears to be sitting on it.

Getting paid once the job is done can be a struggle and your input is needed on this petition to help move this along.

If you are a contractor or sub contractor in Ontario, please take time to add yourself to this petition. And even if you are outside of Ontario, you can still complete this petition and submit it as well. This will illustrate that the support is Canada-wide!

The more signatures the better!

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  1. important that this law has enforcement abilities.

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