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Rob Blackstien   

Does Mike Holmes have trades training?

After reading our recent article about Mike Holmes’ column in which he finally admitted that maybe, possibly, conceivably, most contractors are actually good guys, Lorne Figley — AKA, the world’s oldest plumber — had some choice words:

“Mike apparently never had any trade recognized training and would be fined for doing any of the compulsory trades in Saskatchewan. The application of his suggestions is offensive to our registered apprenticeship program.”

Lorne wasn’t done there, though. Ten minutes later, he fired off a second missive…

“I would repeat my admonition to beware of working in Saskatchewan in any compulsory trade without registering in such trade and providing a journeyman level certificate to your customer.”

Hey Mike, if you’re reading this, a word to the wise: steer clear of Saskatchewan. We think they might have a bone to pick with you.



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