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He doesn’t think increased marijuana use on the job site will lead to safety issues

Ray says that weed causes well-known short-term memory issues - but not actual safety hazards.

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April 20, 2018 by canadiancontractor

A comment about Steve Payne’s article last week about weed on the job site.

We think this one is a bit tongue in cheek.

I find it hard to believe weed will make a jobsite more dangerous. I do not think it would increase the probability of a worker falling off a ladder. It will definitely cause the worker to forget why they climbed up the ladder, and then when they get down they will remember and they will climb back up, over and over, because their memory is shot.

I do not think it will increase the chance of a worker getting run over by a tractor. But the worker on the tractor may drive back and forth because their mind is a complete fog. But not a fog that makes them unaware of their surroundings, not a fog that makes them want to put their hand in an auger.

Legalizing weed will reduce production, I buy that without a doubt. Some bosses who do not understand how weed affects short term memory may not implement a strict anti-weed policy, and within these companies production may decrease, but danger will not increase.

If there was an argument to even be made that it increases danger, it would be because if a job takes six hours high instead of four hours, then the workers are on the job for 1.5 times the amount of hours, and taking more steps, so more opportunities for trip and fall accidents. There is your only argument for increased danger.




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2 Comments » for He doesn’t think increased marijuana use on the job site will lead to safety issues
  1. Nate Slate says:

    Weed is going to kill more people than booze,,like the guy in steel mill put a crane through mill wall,I tried when I was 20 made me stupid,with booze made me dummer,now at age 74 I hate the smell so I put 1/4 tea spoon in tuna sandwich and I was riding off the ground. The only place it helps is it will calm down angry people whose minds are gone and for people with some pains,but it needs to be controlled,Heavy machine use and dope nope,not on my jobs.I will fire anyone stinks with this shit,I did for the last 50 years and will keep doing it !

  2. nick huitema says:

    Who is this brainless ray guy ?