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Don’t call him an “electrical contractor” PLEASE!!!

"There is no way this guy should be referred to in this way." We agree. Well said.

Another comment about the unlicensed “electrical contractor” we wrote about last week, who got a five day jail sentence and a $40,000 fine from Ontario’s Electrical Safety Authority, for completing hazardous pot light work with no license and no inspection…

This gentleman correctly objects to referring to this scam artist as an electrical contractor, without quotations around the term. We agree.

“The article starts: “A Brampton, ON electrical contractor felt the full force of the law…” That’s an insult to licensed contractors everywhere that are licensed, insured and take out permits. There’s no way this guy should be referred to in this way.”


Editor’s note: We have amended our story accordingly to refer to “A Brampton, ON man…”


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1 Comment » for Don’t call him an “electrical contractor” PLEASE!!!
  1. Oliber says:

    This guy which was mention as an electrical contractor was no even license, but was posted as a electrical contractor, this is to intimidated those are the real ones, licensed and electrical contractors. That’s shows how stupid things have turned in to in this Province of Ontario. The government went out of control them selves, they cant do anything right, only impose stupid laws to make money. That’s like the gastapo in Germany on the thirties. We may soon have to pay a fee to some new creation called ass college to wipe our ass’s, ,,,, where all these thieves came from?

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