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Don’t vent through the soffit

A 27-year veteran says bathroom fans should never be vented through the soffit, though the Ontario code allows it.

I disagree with venting moist bathroom air into the soffit, I have seen the results, when the damp air is up-drafted into the attic. I have been a renovating contractor for 27 years, specializing in upscale bathrooms, (design & build). I have been a CPI (Certified Property Inspector) for 22 years, now retired. Ventilation is critical in every building, especially in residential dwellings, where the health and well being of the residents should be of primary concern, Noel Murphy, (CPI Retired).

  • Noel Murphy


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2 Comments » for Don’t vent through the soffit
  1. Marten says:

    OK so not through the soffit. And not through the roof as that can cause leaks. So where do I vent then?

  2. Mark says:

    I think you are unclear. I agree, fans should not be vented INTO the soffit space. However, running the ducting so as to exit THROUGH the soffit is quite practical.

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