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Even veteran construction safety expert Alec Caldwell got taken in by our April Fool’s fake news story on Mike Holmes

"It's not what you'd expect from a so-called TV personality," Alec writes

So John Bleasby makes up a post for April Fools about Mike Holmes flexing his muscles in the window of a building supply store in Meadow Lake, SK. According to the ruse story, Mike does this for so long, and is so self-absorbed, that the local police arrive to question him. Not recognizing “the most trusted contractor on Earth,” they come really close to pressing loitering charges. (The “story” has now been taken down.)

Alec Caldwell, who has written about 500 columns for us at Canadian Contractor and is known for his own delightful sense of humour, took the story straight up as a real one…

Here’s his reply:

Sometimes certain individuals like Mike Holmes get carried away with their own self-importance.

For someone to attract this kind of attention shows they were behaving badly. And it’s not what you’d expect from a so-called TV personality.

Mike Holmes has always dissed the home renovation industry and protrayed himself as their saviour. This is a guy who openly boasted of doing electrical work as a kid in home renovations with his dad – when neither had no electrical licences to do that type of work. Terrible!

Alec Caldwell


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