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Framing business kaput after arm injury, reader lowers boom on Ontario’s WSIB

"Contractors are doing some of the most dangerous jobs in the country. The least they can do it pay out when we get injured."

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February 22, 2019 by canadiancontractor

After 15 years of running my own company, I just closed my business today due to a workplace injury that left me with a dislocated arm. Even after surgery, it will never be the same again – so I had to close my doors. Thank you, WSIB for playing games with me. We are doing some of the most dangerous jobs in the country – ┬áthe least they can do is pay out when we get injured. But something good came out of this, at least. They are not going to see another dime out of my account as long as I live in this country. So I am happy for that. Amen.




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