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Full HVAC license versus gas fitters license: Veteran of 5-year apprenticeship defends Ontario College of Trades

Steve Brown argues that a simple gas license is nowhere near enough to do proper HVAC installations.

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September 14, 2018 by canadiancontractor

Further to our ongoing Ontario College of Trades discussions, last week we had a long-standing HVAC installer with a gas license heavily criticizing the Ontario College of Trades for deeming his training insufficient.  

Well, a gas license isn’t enough, argues Steve Brown

People can start HVAC businesses without trade licences? Maybe we would not have this conversation if this individual was taught to weave baskets instead of working in the underground economy. Getting through my 5-year apprenticeship was not a walk in the park. But getting the licence is more about taking pride in your workmanship: doing it properly using best engineering practices. Getting a gas certificate was made way too easy by the fast track education system we’ve embraced. There was no open book policy writing a C of Q!

Maybe the TSSA and OCOT should get the mechanical contractors association/HRAI on board to help out. Erasing the underground non-licensed “contractors” may help us. Those of us playing (and paying) by the rules and established find it hard to keep the lights on and help our employees earn the wages they deserve. It’s nearly impossible to earn a respectable income and run a profitable small business. Sad to see people whine while using handymen on all the gravy jobs.




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2 Comments » for Full HVAC license versus gas fitters license: Veteran of 5-year apprenticeship defends Ontario College of Trades
  1. Jim says:

    Ontario college of trades, need s to stay out of the of the havc, they are just in it for the money ! Been in the field for 20 plus years

  2. Questo says:

    Ontario premier Doug ford should invoke the ( not witch stand clause) on the Canadian Charter Rights and freedoms to abolish this garbage collection agency so Called OCOT, and get back the tax dollars they waste to set it up. after all no trades people voted for these parasites.
    so in the same manner be used to get rid all others collection agencies calling them selves authorities, voted by no one.