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Is this GC in the legal clear by not paying this particular sub?

The sub owed him money. So the GC didn't pay him on a particular job. Was this the legally correct action?

Editor’s note: This intriguing question was posted on our site a few days ago. We have sent it off for a lawyer’s comment. Anyone run into this before? Please feel free to comment down below.

A friend of ours is a sub-contractor. That friend owes money to the contractor from another job ( I do not know all the details) . A job was finished this week but he (friend) could not pay his guys (one of them being my husband), because the contractor deducted all the money that was owed to him (almost $2,000). That meant that my husband could not get his full pay this week (but will get what is owed to him next week).

My question is, is the contractor allowed to deduct money from the sub-contractor’s pay, money that is owed to him (contractor), from a finished paid job, or should it be that the contractor pays the sub-contractor in full and then the later pays the money owed to the contractor according to an arrangement?

Thank you for your time.

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1 Comment » for Is this GC in the legal clear by not paying this particular sub?
  1. Rob says:

    Generally you can not mix the dollars from one job with another job.

    It would have been better if they worked out an arrangement before this happened

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