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Green building using EPS slabs known as SABS

All well and good, George, but your example is in Hawaii! How would SABS hold up in Canadian snow load conditions?

Here is a post from a contractor who thinks we don’t pay enough attention to Climate Change and green building technologies.

Maybe someone there at CC will find out why articles are so strongly related to those who are holding the genitals of the publisher, and not what is best for the home buyer or public in general.

We need forests to combat Climate Change, but still, we deforest to construct 32-year wonders that only frustrate the owners with poor quality, mould, rot and high maintenance costs.

What we need is “Keep It Simple Stupid” systems that don’t give us a royal pain, and helps us attain Net Zero and beyond. For example:

Click on any one of the houses featured at that link and see how Canada can avoid falling behind on this technology…

George Havirko

Editor’s Note: The building envelope technology in that link (to a Hawaiian builder) is called SABS (Saebi Alternate Building Systems).

We don’t know anything about SABS. To us, at first glance, it looks like just another variation on various EPS composite modular building systems like SIPs and ICFs.

We are interested to know how this ultra lightweight modular building system, which is essentially a thin veneer of concrete on top of slabs of foam, would hold up under Canada’s extreme snow loads. We are not in Hawaii or the southern USA.

Comments anyone?



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