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Hanging on with your nails!

Too many contractors don't know how to build guardrails properly.

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January 8, 2013 by Alec Caldwell

I visited a job site recently, leaning on a guard rail I found it moving outward under my weight. Now I’m a standard size kind of person, but lack of nails was the issue holding it securely.

Recently it’s became apparent to me many in the home building or home renovation industry don’t know how to build guard rails correctly. Whether due to lack of training, supervision or simply it holds someone back from completing their day’s production quickly enough?

Ontario like most Provinces, guardrails must to be installed if a worker is exposed to falls of more than eight feet (2.4 metres) these rails have to be built within certain guidelines and standards and if you don’t know what these are, maybe it’s time you did and checked out these  requirements at your Province’s Safety Board.

Everyone regardless of where you reside in Canada is required to complete a Fall Protection Awareness course, whether employees, sub contractors or sub trades. This course covers guardrail construction, fall restraint, fall arrest and more.

I believe it’s either the lack of current laws filtering down through the industry or simply compliancy by employers who presently get away with the types of safety sloppiness I encountered.

Factors that cause accidents are: shortcuts, snap decisions and complacency. Its about your safety and others who are working around you.

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Alec Caldwell

Alec Caldwell

Alec Caldwell is the Founder of CARAHS, a Health & Safety Organization.

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4 Comments » for Hanging on with your nails!
  1. Kent says:

    If common sense was used I would have no problem with the rules but that is not and has not been the case in govt safety programs. Over safety has been the rules by the a far cry not common sense for safety OSHA has made so many rules that when even going to the portapotty you need a safety harness

  2. Ralph Carnovale says:

    I have just finished a Coroner’s Inquest involving a worker who fell through a hole because it was not covered, or not covered properly as the Act required.
    There were morning meetings at this site and daily inspections, but it happened any way.

  3. Brian Young says:

    It is Important Your Painter has Workers Compensation (WSIB) and General Liability Insurance Coverage.
    In Ontario alone, 2 out of 3 contractors ARE NOT insured by Workers Compensation (WSIB)

  4. Great comment Brian and WSIB are advertising right now, that they are cracking down on everyone came January 1st, 2014. They said they’d give everyone a year and I guess they meant it.

    I heard the advert of Chum radio 2 days ago, advising homeowners and contractors in an alarming way. Guess they mean business!

    Any contractors reading this that need info, please call Monica at our CARAHS office toll free 1-866-366-2930