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He laments pending “wind down” of Ontario College of Trades

Enforcement and regulation are necessary red tape, argues RJ

[This comment from “RJ” got more eyeballs on it than any other voice in 2019.]

Re: Ontario Ford government to “wind down” Ontario College of Trades.

It is interesting that a number of people that profess to be trades here do not support regulation. Enforcement and regulation are necessary “Red Tape” to help ensure that it is actually trades performing the work. This actually protects the public and your job! Ontario apprentices benefited from by having a body that ensured that they were following the objectives and curriculum. In the past, this was done very ineffectively by the Ministry of Colleges, Trades and Universities.



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3 Comments » for He laments pending “wind down” of Ontario College of Trades
  1. Questo says:

    I wonder who is this guy called RJ ?

    Your comment is pathetic , you seems not to have any idea what the OCOT is ? Who voted for this insane apparatus, in a Province seems filled with democratic views. The previous government set this agency up; did not care about any democratic rules. So for that this agency was set on abusive way of power, for that means illegal.

    who said to you the trades people had no rules before this al capony came across ? Any person in this Province is subject to the courts, when done insane things, either using their job titles or not.

    A freedom to operate on their desire trade does not mean one is free to do what ever he/she want. Every trades people working in the responsible matter will not using his/ her job for insane matters, those who do aren’t in the balance level of conscious, so shouldn’t use the trades for their negative side of life.

    If in schools people be proper educated and trained properly , our society could be much better . Our school programs are miserable, its just to let students be in debt, and when they start any form of business, trades and so on, is to eliminate their debt, and some take a chance to be in the wrong side, apparently, and what next ?

    Regulations, the more regulations the worse it gets, .

    The hypocrisy called customers protection ,,,, really in our days filled with all kind of information? Any private work contract , its to sole responsibility of those entered into it, anything wrong with it, their is the courts to solve it. The government have nothing to do with it.

    The only way government loves regulations is to turned into a money making machine,. Its worse then communism, its a form of abuse using regulations to collect money. Because those got abused by their governments with fines, and other issues, don’t get any form of help just bad publicity using their media, its a self destructive machine.

    Just look what happen to the Ontario Liberals, from the top to the lower bottom. Maybe you RJ are a cry Liberal wolf, look to you inner self and see if you really want people to regulate everything you do, including your work.? That’s why people need to be free to operate their desire jobs, but be responsible for it.

    Our Premier can close the OCOT and other none sense collection agencies down anytime he fell like it using the none whithstandclause.

    I cant believe it he haven done that yet?

  2. Paul Denyer says:

    So I maybe in the minority here but I think the College of Trades was a good idea. The problem though was it’s execution and one of the biggest problems with that was the ridiculous two tier fee schedule for Journey persons. The fee for Journey persons should have been the same whether you were an electrician (like me) or a baker. PJ

  3. For many years we have enjoyed in Ontario, a world class apprenticeship system which has turned out many talented and capable trades people. The procedures and policies that have been in place since the early ’60s are still entirely viable today. I have worked in the electrical trade since 1967, inter-provincial license in 1971, master’s license in 1980 and under this system have personally trained 15 apprentices from high school to licensed journeyman.

    I have been a contractor since 1979 and several of my apprentices are also business owners. We do not need the OCOT!

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