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He would like to see an inspection of OCOT’s inspectors

Another HVAC contractor alleges unprofessional conduct by an OCOT enforcement officer

This so-called Ontario College of Trades has only been around for limited years and it’s privately run. Just another reason to charge a tradesman or journeyperson $150 every year to keep their ticket or license. It’s just another everyday money grab and that’s what I think Doug Ford should go after. To shut them down and let the working class work in peace.

I had an OCOT inspector threaten me via text – which is still on my phone as proof. He also threatened my builder and made fun of his French heritage (he’s from Montreal). He did this in front of four other tradesmen. Bullying his way on to my job site and into my personal life. He is no longer allowed on any one of my job sites – if he sees my van he is to keep driving. He says he’s from the federal government when he in fact is not.

I have been a contractor for over 20 years. There should be automatically be a grandfathering clause for my licensing. This inspector threatened me, my livelihood and my business. In short, I think their inspectors should be inspected… OCOT needs to go. After all where would this country be without us old tradesmen?



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  1. Questo says:

    Hi,,,, the OCOT ( Ontario collection on trades) is nothing but a money collector agency, get all of your witness about your case and bring the to the human rights tribunal, you can see how fast they could down their stupidity .

  2. Trades Person says:

    I am a trades person as well with 2 licenses, and I can tell you that I am a strong believer in the College of Trades and the incredible work they do. For many years I was dragged by a previous employer that they would sign me up as an apprentice, never doing so, without proper training I was thrown into commercial vehicles brake jobs, wheel seals, and all sorts of very high responsibility jobs. Once a brake chamber almost killed me because I cut the wrong clamp to replace it. Fortunately and as far as I know none of the wheel offs that kill many people on the highway, were installed by myself, but what is scary is that yes it could have happened, as I did not have the proper training although I was a backyard mechanic with many years of experience.
    After getting my license, and due to the lack of inspectors from MTCU, never once I needed to show it to any one, in fact due to this lack of inspectors, my employer would lay me off before they would lay off an apprentice or even a non registered apprentice, simply due to wage costs difference, and could get away with this.
    OCOT is the best thing that could have happened to the ones that do have a license, and to those that do not but have the experience, as they can challenge the exam if they decide to become properly licensed.
    OCOT is not a money grab, it is protecting the public by holding professionals accountable for what they do wrong, while at the same time at least discouraging those that do not have licenses, or are not apprentices to have installed commercial wheels that came off killing many, or that have done improper electrical work causing safety issues to the public, or that have burnt scalps of people when colouring their hair, and so on in all compulsory trades.
    My experience with OCOT officers has been always positive, maybe because I treat them the way I like to be treated.
    We need a lot more OCOT officers on the road. I f you are a professional $120.00 + HST that you can write off on your income tax will not affect you financially what so ever. Our licenses Before OCOT were $20.00 a year, almost as much as a fishing license, and in fact that was what our licenses were worth prior to OCOT.

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