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Even a CoA was problematic with OCOT, electrician says

Ontario's Ford government have confirmed that OCOT will be wound down in 2019

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November 19, 2018 by canadiancontractor

As a dual trade E&I, I have had nothing but trouble with OCOT. I passed on collecting my 2500 hour credit for being a 309A Electrician (earned in BC) toward my Instrumentation 447A apprenticeship. In order to collect these hours and be credited through the Ministry, they wanted another $100+/year to be registered with them as an Electrician as well. Out of principle, I just bit the bullet, worked more hours and waited longer.

This organization literally does nothing for the working trades person. OCOT is also the only place I have run into where it is such a chore to change your address —two paper utility bills (that I haven’t got for 5 years) a piece of government issued ID, ALL notarized and sent into OCOT for a 10 week wait! They sent me to two different Service Ontario’s and then City Hall…an afternoon taken from my life to accomplish this 2018 address change. The funny part is, OCOT asked for nothing regarding ID or proof of address when I first signed up 3 years ago. It is refreshing to see something so useless being undone.
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