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This man has trained his ten year old kids to run “compact heavy equipment” on his farm

Before we all freak out about this man's behaviour, look at the noble goal he is pursuing...

In response to our recent post on starting to train your kids in the trades, early, we got this post.

OK, everyone, pile onto the man for putting his kids in danger. We assume, though, that he’s exaggerating a little – and that he’s actually just showing them – safely – what he does and how…

Knowledge is power, why wouldn’t a parent teach their kids skills? My kids run compact heavy equipment on our farm. They understand business as much as ten year olds can (!). And I hope, by the time they have to decide what careers to start in life, they can choose to pursue, or not choose NOT to pursue, their father’s career.

It will be their choice, is my point.

I have a family friend, who is the same age as I am. His dad started with a pick up truck and and a wheelbarrow. The family lives extremely comfortably. They own buildings, they take winters off work. Life is so much easier when your net worth is seven figures and you are in your early 20s! This family has a 40-year head start on the legacy I would like to leave my own kids.



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2 Comments » for This man has trained his ten year old kids to run “compact heavy equipment” on his farm
  1. ray northey says:

    I was raised on a farm with my Grandfather and Uncle. I have been driving farm equipment since I was 10 also. As long as you are taught the dangers involved and the kid acts responsible that’s life on the farm. Everyone pitches in. I now own a custom home business for the last 29 yrs and introduced heavy equipment the last 4 yrs and always have had Skid steers loaders and a small excavator while my son grew up. He also drove it mostly at our workshop yard and trail work. He now is 25 yrs old and he now runs the heavy equipment side of our business because he had a chance when he was a boy and he is a smooth operator. Responsible caring kids need that chance. Would do nothing different.

  2. Marten says:

    I’ve had my kids in my workshop or building things around the house since there were old enough to be interested. Maybe 8-10 years old but just a guess. Showed them how to use the safer equipment first then, when older, the tablesaw and more dangerous stuff. Now all adults, 2 are in the skilled trades and doing well. The third, well he’s a technologist and doing better then most of the guys his age and head knowledge. All three have hands on type hobbies, hot rods, battle bots, etc. One of the better things I have done as a parent. Got to teach them to be safe and have respect for the tools, oh and yes I have kicked them out of the shop for not listening. Only had to do that once lol.

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