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I don’t fail at anything


A couple of years ago, Steve Maxwell wrote an article about keeping outside water pipes from freezing, and like many of our advice pieces, there has been plenty of adding on from the professionals.

Sam Trolinder recently responded to a comment by Lorne Heise, offering the following:

“We DIYers are limited by pricing when in a crunch. I have six rentals on one well house connection. Ingenuity caused me to use 200′ gutter heaterline on a 200′ waterhose waterline connecting two water wells together over a 5/8″ goodyear waterhose. I wrapped the line first with foil, lined with gutter heatline, then wrapped with closed cell pipe insulation. The hose is laying on the ground while the damaged well is replaced. Works great. It’s worked the past week. I don’t really care about your concerns in the previous message. It works for me and I don’t have quadruple dollars to pay for the required line you want to sell. And that’s what we humans do, we adapt or depend on someone else and fail.

I don’t fail at anything.”

Wow! We think we discovered Sam’s superpower. Now, the question is: how can we bottle his secret and make billions?


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