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“Any idea where to find this song called ‘Contractor’?”

Anyone know who the heck Chas. McCabe is?

We are still getting additional suggestions for construction-related song titles – two years after John Bleasby wrote a post called “The 7 all-time greatest construction songs.”

John’s list was based on a list compiled by FieldLens, the construction management software firm.

We got a post yesterday from Bill Fox (“Yes, I’m a contractor!”) as follows…

“I heard a song today on KALW San Francisco’s “Patchwork Quilt” show. Title: “Contractor.” Artist: Chas. McCabe. Any idea where to find it?”

Sorry, Bill, we can’t even find “Chas. McCabe” on the World Wide Web!

Anyone know about this song?



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1 Comment » for “Any idea where to find this song called ‘Contractor’?”
  1. The song title you want is in fact called “Contractor”. The artist name however is Chuck McCabe. You can find his song on Spotify.

    Hope that helps, Bill.

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