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Ill-fitting PPE a major problem

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It’s human nature…people won’t wear PPE if it’s uncomfortable or makes it hard to work. Marten explains…

This is an interesting one for sure. I started back this week. I work mostly in the commercial sector installing doors, hardware and other misc. stuff, so mostly finishing end of the game. This site I am on had signs all over the place about being distant. Hand washing station was set up. They had gloves for anyone that wants them as well. You had to wear a mask as well. This is in a hospital so it was the same masks the hospital wears. I took a mask for the first day but also had a hand made one. The one given to me was incredibly uncomfortable and hurt my ears. It also fogged up my glasses. The homemade one was a bit more comfortable but not much. Still fogged my glasses up. It got better as the week went along as my wife and I worked together to make it better. I seen some guys wearing the masks, some had them around their chins. Site super walks by and everyone jumps. He leaves and they come off. Others were good and kept theirs on. No one wore the gloves as they were to small for most guys. Hard to wear them anyway when what you use world tear them apart right away. Not sure if anyone uses the hand washing station. Seems like some guys take this seriously and others no so much. I think people would wear the PPE if it was comfortable but when it hurts to wear it, that is frustrating.

Marten Burghgraef


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