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In support of her father

Samantha Madisson's dad has hands-on electrical skills - but can't get job offers. She asks: is the "skills trades shortage" real?

November 24, 2017
By canadiancontractor

This post is in response to our 2013 article quoting economist Don Drummond (in 2013) who called the skilled trades shortage… “a mirage.”

After raising us, our father, instead of buying a red sports car for his midlife crisis went to school and got a three-year degree (with honors) in the industrial/electrical field. Two years down the road, he has made over 600-plus applications and has only received a few offers at minimum wage in the Greater Toronto Area (we live four hours north). Among the few others that called back, not from the GTA, one wanted a personal interview and would not consent to the first one being done over Skype. That company was 7 hours away and their offer was a few pennies over minimum wage.

The man is in better shape that most 18 years olds, has a well-functioning brain, has hands that can build or fix almost anything, doesn’t check his phone every five seconds and yet he has nothing on the horizon. Sure, he has had job offers for labor and driving (he drove heavy floats before for a company that offered good time off and benefits – an important feature for a single dad). Offers in his electrical field? None.

Samantha Madisson G

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2 Comments » for In support of her father
  1. joe says:

    Hi Samantha Madison I would like to contact our father in person, how can I do that? Please if you read this leave contact info.

    • Samantha says:

      Hello Joe,
      I am not sure as how to do it, I am not too fond of leaving my (or anyone’s private) contacts for display. I’ll be checking this post often from now on.

      Samantha Madisson G.

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