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Patrick Flannery   

It’s not the boogeyman

Canadian Contractor bleasby flat roof

Karen is relieved to find out from John Bleasby that the noises her flat roof is making in the night are not some malevolent creature trying to get in.

I’ve had this same issue and kept me up till 4:30 one night wondering if was something evil or some vengeful or lunatic roaming outside. I prayed, smudged and thought of calling the police lol. I’ve heard animal footsteps running across the roof in the warmer weather, then I’m in a complex row housing so checked to see if any attic openings. The thought of expansion and contraction crossed my mind but I’m 52 and never experienced anything this loud before. Although I’m in a rental and this is the first winter I’ve lived here. I believe it is a flat roof and the vents are also above my bedroom also. All I can say is that this is the second article I’ve read on this subject so am very relieved that this is a normal thing. Thanks for posting this, was getting tripped out.

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