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Lawn signs make you money

Editor’s Note:  This column ran this time last year.  It’s a timely reminder to remember that some of the most effective advertising you will ever do is to put up a really nice looking lawn sign – in such a way that it’s easily seen.

Something I see far too often is a beautiful lawn sign placed in a great spot on a homeowner’s lawn only to be blocked by a big white van with no branding on it. That’s a waste. Not only is the lawn sign blocked from view during the day when there is a lot of traffic, but the sign is blocked by a vehicle that does not have your brand on it, or, even worse, has someone else’s brand on it. It looks like they are the one doing the renovation instead of you.

Lawn signs are a must on every job site and the sooner you can get them up the better.  We all know that lawn signs are an important element of your marketing efforts, but a lot of times getting them up is not a priority.  Lawn signs need to be a priority.  They need to go up as soon as you have been given the green light to start a project.  Even missing a day could mean missing an opportunity to renovate a neighbor’s house.  Since lawn signs are one of the cheapest marketing expenses you have, and also one of you best marketing tools, you have to take full advantage of the lawn sign.

Just the other day I saw a company put their lawn sign out parallel to the road.  When the person who installed the lawn sign walked down the street to admire their lawn sign, he realized that because of a large evergreen tree on the lawn his sign was almost impossible to see from one direction.  If someone was driving down the street, the sign was blocked by the tree. By the time it was visible the driver would have to be looking almost 90 degrees out their window.  First, this would be dangerous and second, it would not allow the driver enough time to read the sign.

What I liked was that the installer moved the sign to the edge of the lawn and turned it sideways so the sign could be seen from both directions. It also provided a driver in either direction enough time to read the sign as they approached it.

So, get the lawn sign up as quickly as possible and make sure that people can see it.


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