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Jailed “contractor” may have had few options

Chris Langman doesn't agree with the man's behaviour, but argues there is a bigger story here

Re: The unlicensed roofing “contractor” from Hamilton, ON, who got 10 days in jail.

As much as any decent professional would view this as appalling behaviour, it should be understood that this person needs to make a living the same as anyone else. While his skill and ethical approach are not acceptable, it’s not as if he can resort to factory work any longer as we are outsourcing or automating these jobs more and more every day.

The people Mr. Dennis has harmed in doing bad work are likely the same people who have chosen cheaply made foreign goods; and who hire the cheapest bid for any work they are unable or unwilling to do themselves.

Mr. Dennis is likely a man with few options. Until Canadians realize that a domestic economy is a fully integrated system, the Mr. Dennises of this country will continue burning people out of necessity.

As much as I disagree with the approach, I must admire the persistence of the Mr. Dennises, who seem to be deterred by nothing.

Chris Langman


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