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Kudos for the HomeStars Awards

"The winners are completely based on reviews from actual customers"

Response to Mike Aubrey (a proud winner of the Consumer Choice Awards, who was commenting on the HomeStars Best Of Awards)…

Consumer Choice Awards are essentially a social media popularity contest. Businesses are told to reach out for nominations from whoever they want. One doesn’t even have to have been a customer to submit a vote or answer their “questionnaire.” Consumer Choice also doesn’t invite negative reviews – meaning there is zero attempt to maintain accountability. I think HomeStars has done a great job of identifying this weakness by making the winners completely based on reviews from actual customers, etc. My intention is definitely not to discredit your Championship Belt, however. Consistency is by far the greatest accomplishment for a business in my opinion and your business has displayed this in spades! Besides, any award is great to win. Perhaps this will lead to some sort of Triple Crown of Awards. Best of Homestars / Consumers Choice and….? All the best!


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