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Legalization of marijuana will NOT lead to increased impairment on construction sites, Scott argues

All that the legalization of marijuana will do is "keep current users on the right side of the law," this commenter claims

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May 18, 2018 by canadiancontractor

Two weeks ago, we ran some posts from contractors who agreed with editor Steve Payne, that marijuana legalization will lead to increased impairment on construction sites. Last month, the Crosstown LRT project in Toronto was shut down when three workers were suspected of smoking pot on site.

Scott, below, disagrees…

I felt obligated to comment on this after I read the two ridiculous responses that were published in the most recent issue from Neil and Joe.

There is an assumption being made that legalizing marijuana will increase the use overall or somehow make it acceptable to use at work or while driving.

First of all, millions of people are already using cannabis. There is not expected to be a huge increase in new users when it is legalized. It just keeps current users on the right side of the law.

Secondly, there is also an assumption being made that there will be an increase in impairment while working. Just like alcohol there will be laws against impairment; you won’t be able to use whenever or wherever you feel like it and people that choose to use it while working will find themselves jobless. Just like you would if you showed up drunk to work.

Most of the comments on this subject appear to be from people that are clearly against legalization in general (but who probably go for a couple of beers after work) and who are sadly misinformed on the subject in general.

Will there be cannabis use on jobsites?

Yes, but there is now and always has been, just as there is drinking or other impairment. Legalization will likely not change any of this. Just the fact that you old school thinkers will have to adapt to the new laws that will take affect this summer.




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