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Let the WSIB rant rage on

May 7, 2020
By canadiancontractor

We’ve sure had our share of readers spouting off about the Ontario Workplace Safety & Insurance Board, but it’s actually been a few years since our last good rant.

They are 100 per cent not there for the employees. They are there for themselves. Period. They are in the business of denying claims. They pocket just under $1 billion each year – profit. . . how do you suppose they manage that? They are a monopoly being forced upon us. It’s despicable.


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  1. Arthur says:

    Bill 119
    Say if I work for myself by myself I do not have to pay Premiums but if I work on a condo or get paid by company cheque I have to pay not only for the premiums on that one job I have to go back the entire year add up all my invoices and pay premiums which ends up being $5800
    Just so I can do a $500 job that I need to take to feed my family
    When I could not pay the$5800 they Seized my bank account in dec
    I could not pay hydro bills or feed my family
    If WSIB is there to support workers
    I guess because I am the owner of the company I am not human more my family
    WSIB has 34 billion in profits all the while their operating cost are only 3 billion
    And they stave us into compliance
    No Wonder why the cost of housing is gone through the roof
    Wsib Has billions to spend on advertising to spin the data and the news in their favour
    I do not trust them at all
    Do you ever wonder why there is a security guard and security doors to gain access to an office
    Banks do not even have the security
    Wsib has

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