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Man fired during Working At Heights training, for refusing to provide personal information, “showing the rest of us that somebody still has a spine”

Chris Langman, a contractor in Ontario, applauded the worker who refused to complete certain sections of the Working At Heights training paperwork

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February 10, 2017 by canadiancontractor

Here is a post from Chris Langman. He was replying to the news item that a worker taking a Working At Heights (mandatory) training course in Ontario was fired by his employer for refusing to provide personal information (unspecified as to what it was) on his paperwork that day… To see Alec Caldwell’s reporting on this, click here.

It is truly amazing how easily Ontarians are corralled into a society of people without personal privacy or freedom of personal choice.

It is unfortunate that this man lost his job, but he has at least shown the rest of us that somebody still has a spine.

The fact of the matter is that the Ontario government ministries are using employment (i.e., the financial ability to participate in a functioning society) as leverage to force us into surrendering our privacy and compliance with nanny state neoliberal fascism.

What will it take to reverse the direction in which this province is heading?



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