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Ontario MOL Working at Heights modules: take them now to save time and money, before the mandatory new modules come into effect

If you act now, CARAHS can help you through the Fall Arrest Modules 1 and 2 shortly to be upgraded (requiring much more time and money) by the Ontario Ministry of Labour. It's a window of opportunity for Ontario renovators, builders and anyone else working in construction.

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May 28, 2014 by Alec Caldwell

Shortly, the Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL) will announce the arrival of their NEW “Working at Heights” Module 1 and Module 2 courses. Now, these prescribed courses, if run back to back, should run a minimum 6-1/2 hours and they are far more extensive than previous modules — especially in the area of rescue, where “calling 911” is now not considered a rescue plan.

 There is a window of opportunity right now.

Anyone who has not currently completed the existing Working at Heights courses, or has a completion card but it is over 12 months old, is highly recommended to immediately take the course or re-take the existing course. if you do this now, it will be able to be done in half the time (and at about half the cost) of the new MOL modules mentioned above.

When the MOL announce the new courses, they will grandfather in existing course-completion cards, assuming those cards were issued recently. If you carry one that is over two years old, it will likely be considered outdated.

Everyone on jobsites needs to take the new MOL Module 1. This  includes people like flooring and kitchen installers, as this module covers the Occupational Health & Safety Act, your responsibilities and rights.

Module 2 is more about ladders, scaffolding and platforms, where you are exposed to dangers of a fall from heights. It is a more a practical in-class course, demonstrating personal fall equipment and more.

This week a member of a crew of four carpenters called us at CARAHS. They told us they were asked byto leave their job site immediately when their supervisor found they did not carry Fall or WHMIS cards. CARAHS quickly put them through their existing Fall course, which has recently been  modified to reflect these new anticipated changes coming into effect.   

The Ontario MOL is dead serious about this huge change. Starting last year, it has  mandated that every job site carry in full view of all workers their required safety poster.  And this is the case, regardless of whether your site is industrial, commercial, residential new homes or home renovation.

CARAHS (Canadian Association of Renovators and Home Services) was founded as a non-profit association to advocate for and mentor self-employed home renovators and home services.

Forfurther information email: or call us Toll Free 1-866-366-2930


Alec Caldwell

Alec Caldwell

Alec Caldwell is the Founder of CARAHS, a Health & Safety Organization.

We are approved providers by the Ministry of Labour (Ontario) to teach Working at Heights Training (Pro#34609)

Visit the Ministry of Labour’s web site to view our listing

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16 Comments » for Ontario MOL Working at Heights modules: take them now to save time and money, before the mandatory new modules come into effect
  1. Andrew says:

    Where can I find the information to confirm that they will allow this training to be grandfathered in, so that I can rest assured my money is not being wasted.


  2. Andrew says:


    Where can I find the information from the MOL or the government that verifies they will allow for this grandfather clause. Also, is online training acceptable as part of this clause?


  3. Hi Andrew,
    The MOL is not the place you will go to see the non grandfather in on this new law, as they are not the one who is involved with this disgusting new proposed like that will come into effect. The MOL is not involved with this.

    The culprits are the Liberal government in Ontario. The carpenters union and the Ontario College of Trades. I don’t think you will get any straight answers from them, but the main culprits in this 3 stooges in this under the table agreement is was the College of Trades. Check their web site and if you get lucky it will say there, but I do not hold my breath. Call their University Ave office and ask them and you will find your answers.

    If the liberal government in Ontario get back in they intend to outlaw home renovators who cut wood and drywall in Ontario. The choice is to go underground or stop your business, mothball it and go back to a 4 year apprenticeship and live on fresh air while you do this. The carpenters union will be the one’s to train union. Welcome to the brotherhood in home renovations.

    This will blow away home owners, who presently try to reduce the price and not pay HST. Meaning get the lowest price. This is not going to happen with 7 trades people at least waiting in line to do a bathroom renovation.

    Home owners do not realise this, as the Liberals and the OCOT spin their stories of ” why shouldn’t the home owner expect quality craftsmanship and standards! They don’t tell them this comes with a huge increase price in home renovations cost.

    I think homeowners are being duped with this so called OCOT. The are not a college and their response is, well the nursing college and the physician college don’t train and this is correct. This is true, but the fail to mention these to bodies can vote the board. The college of trades don’t cote the board. They are voted from within and over 60% are union, including the carpenters union. They (OCOT) fail to tell the full truth and spin half truths.

    They are out campaigning right now to hold on to their cushy job, with benefits and pensions, trying to keep them on the backs of hard working trades people.

    • Andrew says:

      There needs to be more control in the industry, not less. Also, what do these points have to do with this? Where can I find the actual information that you have used to write this article? The information that says the MOL will grandfather in the same insufficient training they are trying to correct. There are a lot of promises in this article and no citations.

  4. Our phone at CARAHS since this article has rung off the hook about companies wanting to squeeze in this course before the big MOL change comes in either jily 1 or maybe as late as August the first. It seems most organizations are jammed right now handling the volume of calls.

    This course like all MOL courses in my opinion are boring and usually send participants quickly to a sleep mode. Here is the few feed back from two of our courses the last 3 days.

    “Thanks for keeping it real funny” says Phil R….”Very good, kept the presentation pace as a good rate” Graham D. ….” More than enough information” says Justin M…”Alec keeps it from being boring” says George G from yesterdays class.” Another one from yesterdays class adds in our feed back comment section ” Very helpful & informative” says Carl.

    The window of opportunity closes soon and all completion cards issued right now will be grand fathered in for 2 to 3 years under the NEW MOL plan, as what we were told when we attended their 3 hour feed back course in Toronto recently we attended.

  5. Dave says:

    Good morning Alec,

    Where is the best place to look to find a training company that has certified and qualified trainers? A training company with the best reputation.


  6. Richart Brink says:

    Below is the latest info that I have
    CORRECTION to April 24th ‘In the News’ article: Ontario Ministry of Labour “working at heights” course modules will soon be mandatory


    The new “Working at Heights” training program launched by the M.O.L. is still in the development stage.

    Stakeholder input to the process was only completed April 24, 2014.

    If the new legislation is passed prior to an election, (and that might be ambitious), then the new legislation MAY come into effect this fall – possibly November.

    If that happens, there will not be any “Grandfathering” of existing training. However, any training on Fall Protection / Working at Heights will be valid for 2 years after the implementation of the new legislation.
    That means if you were trained today on “Working at Heights”, that training would be valid until November 2016.

    After that time ALL “Working at Heights” training must be done by a training provider that is approved by the M.O.L.

    At this time there are NO approved training providers! This means that no training, including the IHSA course is already meeting the requirements.

    If you have any questions with respect to this or any training requirements, please contact me through OHBA.

    Thank you,

    Bruce Bolduc, CHSC, CRSP, P.GSC.
    Chairman OHBA Health and Safety Committee

  7. Hi Bruce,
    Thanks for your input and in clarifying that all the courses taken this year upto the time of MOL implication OF THE TWO working at heights modules (IE No one is certiain if it will be July 1st, Aug1st, Oct 1st or whatever) will be honered for 2 years, as MOL are inticipating a 2 to possible 3 year allowance for all to comply.

    In the way I read it, if a persons Fall course card is already 2 years old or older, these may not be acceptable and holder will have to take the Two new modules course right away and will not be allowed the MOL time line to comply.

    We received a call last week from a construction crew who were thrown off the job site as their cards were 2 years and older. They were unemployed and called around and could not get into any courses immediately, that was until they called CARAH. We accomindated them with a course last Saturday, so they could get back to work on the Monday.

    I beleive in simplicity and in delivering news, without confusing contractors with phrases and obscure words goverments and even the likes of insurance companies use, which sometimes you need a lawyer to explain the meaning.

    I can see you are well qualified in your repective area of expertise. I say simplicity is the way to go.

  8. Good morning back to you Dave,

    I’m a bit bias, as I think we do a great job at CARAHS running Ministry of Labour compliant Fall courses.

    If you read the comment from the guys above your post, this is what some said about taking our course this week. We deliver it expertly and keep you engaged, so you don’t fall asleep. I’ve beed to to many where presenters deliver sleep. These guys volanteered this without financial gain or atvantage..

    I am personally the CARAHS fall trainer for Toronto and Ontario. I have been trained upto Mol standards and look forward to carrying the new anticipated and mandatory MOL trainers card, once processed, after the arrival of these two new Working at Heights modules.

    There is no one in Ontario right now qualified with the MOL as compliant instructors for these 2 new courses. This will only occure once the new laws come into effect this year and as early as July 1st. This is what the MOL stated to us at a recent 3 hour Toronto feedback session CARAHS attended, myself representing CARAHS as founder and Monica Olenroot as co-founder.

    CARAHS at that time expressed that calling the first module Working at height basics, was misleading we beleive it should be called somwthing like : Slips, trip, falls and working at heights.

    Why we say this is: if you lay tiles, you might think you dont work at heights and you don’t need the courses. Yet if that same floor or tile installer goes around the corner at floor level and there is a big hole in the floor to the basement below, say a 15 foot fall onto the basement floor, now he/she is working at heights!!!!!!!

    Slips, trips, fall & and working at heights sound clearer to me. Again did the MOL listen yes…action….possibly not.

    Call Monica for Fall course info toll free at 1 866 366 2930.

  9. andrew says:

    Hi Alec,

    Thanks, However this doesn’t really answer my question… is there any documentation that states this training will be allowed to carry through? If there isn’t then is it not really just a promise based on a hope? I am really unsure how people are saying what a law will allow before it is revised and signed. Before this happens, nothing is a guarantee. So, how is CARAHS offering training, and promises, without the law written to back them up?

  10. Andrew says:

    There were many strong promises made in this article and no documentation to back them up. If this is how CARAHs performs all its tasks?

  11. Hi Andrew…Sounds like you need the info straight from the horses mouth or arse.

    So why not goggle the Ontario Ministry of Labour and you will find tons of info on these proposed ne change. That way it will remove all the doubing Thomas comments you have been expressing here. We are all in the same ship here and trying to work as a team. Its hard to satisfy everyone, yet we are up to the challange of doing this.

    So going directly to the horses mouth is a good idea for you to get enoung info to bog you down awhile and then you came become more of an expert and make your comments with them, as it seems no one one this blog can helo you, based on your critical feed back. Go for it Dave and good luck.

  12. Hi Dave says:

    Thanks Dave for joing in on my blog and your comments were welcomed.

    Hi Richard…You need to fish in another pool and the OHBA association is not the only place to get information. they ate one ofmany. CARAHS IS NOT ALEIGNED with and politicall party or organization. we are I dependant and care only abour home renovators and the challanges they face. We and ourmembers were at the recentaqueens park rally, 14 footbanner’yellow t shirds, airhorns makigg noise against th OCOT , WHERE WAS YOUR OGANIZATION? so please stay within your own organization and don’t come pluggin them, unless the get 14ft banner and join us and others against the OCOT proposed change of unemploying 99% of home renovators in ontario with thier underhand deal with the liberals and carpenters union. This is real and CARAHS IS IN THE TRENCHES WITH THE GUYS. No time for guys in suite.