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Mandatory sprinklers for houses would put house affordability out of reach

"Today's houses are way too complicated. They cost way more than they should."

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February 16, 2018 by canadiancontractor

Re: Task force calls for sprinklers in new homes

Just another cost to put house affordability out of reach. If we take everything to the nth degree housing will be so far out of reach. When I consider my first house it was pretty basic. It provided me shelter and housed my belongings. Today’s houses are way too complicated, cost way more than they should. Just look at kitchens and bathrooms. The two biggest rip offs in a home. Why not look at making cheaper houses that cost less to build, support basic needs, and do not cost a fortune? I feel for any young person starting out today. There is no chance they will get into home ownership. They would be lucky to afford just the sprinkler system.

Penny Sake



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