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Need more sales?

July 2, 2012
By Mike Draper
Mike Draper

Are you sure? Then act like it!   Over 75% of our clients tell us they want more sales. What we show them is how to improve their customer’s overall experience in such a way that they get more referrals and repeat business from previous customers.   In this competitive industry, improving the experience of your customer is the easiest way to grow.

We all know that word-of-mouth referrals are the best leads that you can get. If you are looking for more renovation projects, you need to treat your existing clients to a perfect customer experience.

So here are 5 common sense things to do on EVERY project:

1) Respect the homeowner’s property • Don’t smoke on the jobsite and don’t leave cigarette butts onsite anywhere. • Talk about the washroom use before you start the project. Bring your own toilet paper and leave the bathroom spotless after every use. If you are going to be onsite for a long time, rent a porta-potty. • Don’t play your radio. If you absolutely must have a radio, keep the sound low and the music pleasant. Try earphones. • Don’t walk all over the house in dirty work boots. Try some cheap hospital booties. Your customers will love it!

2) Clean up every night and remove garbage on a regular basis

3) Take time to explain to the homeowners what you are doing. Talk to them every week.

4) Park your vehicles on the road once materials are unloaded, if possible

5) Have a “go to” person that the homeowner can talk to if they have something to discuss.

These simple steps will help create a perfect customer experience that will separate you from the majority of contractors.   The homeowner will be happy and will be much more likely to promote you at the next neighbourhood cocktail party.  What a simple way to win more business without having to do a lot more advertising. Create the perfect customer experience!

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