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No reason not to agree to milestones

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Ben Polley chimes in on the milestones debate.

On the basis of the prospective clients limited comments alone, I cannot understand why a contractor would not be able to commit to milestones, or some other similar structure, such as per cent complete, so long as these are reasonably representative of when the renovator incurs costs/risk.

*I don’t know the regulations nor administration of WSIB in Quebec but in Ontario, contractors can request a WSIB clearance form (indicating that we are up-to-date and in good standing) for our clients at no charge at any point in a project.

*If the renovators use industry standard Canadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC) contracts, there are also easy to use forms which the contractor may use to verify for the owner that all vendors/trades have been paid, though this does need to be notarized each time (ie. each milestone) so incurs an admin/legal cost. So long as this cost is also built into the contract price, then this shouldn’t be an impediment.

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