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It’s not easy to hire a refugee in the residential construction industry

Our recent story concerning refugee hiring highlights the problems in making connections

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March 28, 2018 by canadiancontractor

Tim from Montreal writes about the obstacles and exploitation;
And then we have Quebec!
Please let me know how I can legally take advantage of a skilled immigrant labor pool in this province. It is tremendously difficult, if not impossible, for a skilled immigrant to find legal employment in the Quebec construction industry without language skills and connections etc.. The bottom line is that they end up being employed in the black market by unscrupulous “contractors” who undercut those of us trying to operate within the law, thus making it impossible to make a decent living without also participating in this practice.
“La Belle Province”…”b— s—“

Harry expresses his frustration;
I wish a few would apply. We are looking for a plumber. We have tried several employment agents (government offices) with no luck at all.



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