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Ontario College of Trades staff are “idiots” says auto service technician

Dave wonders why the OCOT is pulling in millions of dollars in fees, yet cannot even basically train the people that answer its phones

October 13, 2016
By canadiancontractor

We mostly hear from residential renovators and home builders, but sometimes we get posts from other types of trades.

Here, auto service technician Dave has a message of solidarity for his colleagues in our industry re: the Ontario College of Trades (OCOT)…

“Good to hear some honest opinions and voices on how stupid OCOT are. I believe that 99 per cent of tradespeople know and respect their given trades. But the OCOT is driving young people away from the trades in droves… They are not giving them any chance of success to be our future replacements when the time comes.

I am a Automotive Service Tech with 36 years in my trade. OCOT are… idiots. (They) know little or nothing that on goes in the “real world ” and are slow and dimwitted.

They “talk the talk” about boards, members from selected trades and people in the trades that help with running OCOT . . . . Horseshit to that. Even then they are clueless!!!!

I think it’s time that a class action law suit (is) directed at these morons for what they do… or more accurately, don’t do.

Try asking a question. Or being put on hold five times. (Do they not) realize they are under staffed, are(that their people) are poorly trained and cannot answer a simple question?

Remember this… 260,000 trades people in Ontario pay OCOT $120 a year. Sometimes more if you are in more than one trade. What does one do with $ 14.4-million?

Good luck to all and keep our voices strong… and loud.”

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1 Comment » for Ontario College of Trades staff are “idiots” says auto service technician
  1. Questo says:

    Hi David, Thanks to expose these crooks, more trades people should do the same. Like your opinion about the Ontario Corruption On Trades, (OCOT) are so many trades people in Ontario.

    Like I said before about this monster, and so many others, unjustified, just to tax us trades people.

    The mother of all scandals which is our Ontario government, and also corrupted to the dark depths, will not apparently close this shit holes tax machines down. It serves them well, the more founds they collect the more they have to waste. Its scandals on week basis now.

    The Liberals are showing what they really are and what they really stand for, not for the people, but for themselves and their cronies.
    They use the slogan of consumers protection, really? anyone only needs to look is hydro rates, natural gas rates, and soon the fraud of carbon tax. Where is our protection on these matters?

    Not even basic chemistry they understand, apparently they buy every bullshit, outsiders lobbyists bring at them, its a shame what kind of politicians are in government.

    This last week on the journal, 70 million apparently disappear out of the founds of fisheries and hunting, these are the annual fees people pay for fishing and hunting. Another 28 million to be paid for the cancelation of wind fiasco power on Kingston shores Ontario. These were only last week, second week of October. It seems the Liberals cant stop f up, and we the people will pay for it. For how long this mess will go on?

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