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Ontario plumber sounds off on WSIB premiums

"Keep on keeping your head down, Ontarians! And keep paying... and paying some more!"

A comment from an Ontario plumber re: our story last week on the WSIB allegedly reducing drug benefits substantially…

It’s a monopoly. I have my own private disability coverage, thank god. I have never had to make a claim for myself or my ten employees. I am a small business owner and (WSIB) is flat out expensive. Why can’t we go to the private side for coverage? Oh, that’s right. How would our crooked government benefit from that? It makes me sick. It hinders growth for my business amongst a ton of other things that are mandated to us. I’ll stop typing now as my rant would start to be unprofessional and upsetting to some. I will close by saying, keep on keeping your head down, Ontarians! And keep paying, paying, and then paying some more!

Matt Girard


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2 Comments » for Ontario plumber sounds off on WSIB premiums
  1. harry says:

    and people wonder why self employed people want to get out of the business
    biggest reason is government rules
    I understand 100% what that plumber is talking about

  2. Marten says:

    Ya and now Ontario wants to raise min. wage, which will drive up costs to owners who will pass it on to consumers who will have to charge more for their work to be paid for by the people that just got a wage increase so they have more money to spend but because the cost of everything else goes up will still not have the money so they will go to the black market which means less tax money so more will be grabbed by some government organization that though min wage should be raise……………
    Just frustrated!!!!!!!!

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