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March 30, 2012 by Robert Koci

By Alexi Caldwell

Bill 119 WSIB (Ontario) NOT MANDATORY for Home Renovators in 2013

It’s important we get the message out and correct the misinformation generating about how everyone’s has to be in WSIB.

Here are the nuts and bolts and some great news to all the hard working self employed home renovators out there. WSIB is not going to be MANDATORY for you.


“However, mandatory insurance coverage and the registration requirement do not apply to these categories of persons if their only construction work is home renovation work performed in specified circumstances” exempt home renovation work.

Subsections (1) to (4) do not apply in respect of.

(a) Independent operators and sole proprietors who perform no construction work other than exempt home renovation work: and

(b) Partners in partnership and executive officers of corporations who perform construction work other than exempt home renovation work.


“Exempt home renovation work” means construction work that is performed,

(a) By an independent operator, sole proprietor, a partner in a partnership or executive officer of a corporation, and

(b) On an existing private residence that is occupied or to be occupied be the person who retains the independent operator, sole proprietor, partnership or corporation, or by a member of the person’s family;

We hope this information brings clarity on these upcoming changes?

Alec Caldwell (CARAHS Founder)

CARAHS (Canadian Association of Renovators And Home Services) is a non profit organization delivering education, information and benefits to those self employed in the home renovation and home service industry. Toll free 1-866-366-2930






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1 Comment » for Ontario WSIB truth
  1. Terry Ryckman says:

    You are correct in your article . But how long do you think it will take before WSIB blankets “everything” to do with the construction trade.? I am a sole proprietor going on twenty years. I have worked for companies, builders, restoration businesses etc. No longer the case after January. Yes, home renovation work is considered exempt. It isn’t going to take very long (in my estimation two weeks) before all of the builders , companies mentioned above will cry FOUL if they have to pay extra amounts of money to piece off the WSIB hunger when home renovation work is exempt. Secondly, every construction business is going to reconfigure and zero in on the home renovation aspect to get out of paying money to an already top end heavy organization named WSIB. My final point is that after January 2013, we all have to register and be compliant to WSIB. They have made it clear that there will still be TWO more years for full implementation of this new legislation. It is my opinon that the rates will be elevated exponentially across the board for every field of the construction industry. If we had the 14 billion dollars currently needed to get them out of debt, it wouldn’t change anything. Bottom line is that they do not know how to manage this insurance game. Lawyers representing current bonafide injured workers are getting paid up front before the actual injured receives a cent. The medical profession does not want anything to do with WSIB related injury claims for the simple reason being that “they” are not getting paid. My current insurance provider offers accident/disability insurance coverages 24/7 and does not have to be work related. Furthermore, they offer the R.O.P. incentive. (return of premiums) On the twentieth anniversary as a client, they will pay back every penny , minus any claims you may have occurred in that time frame as an incentive. Well if my private provider can offer this incentive and still be able to make a profit, then why is WSIB in so much debt? Answer: Government run. look at all of their other fiascos coming to light in recent months. ORNGE air ambulance service, health executive bonus cheques just to name a couple. In the end , you will find that Ontario is in REAL trouble and mark my words, our provincial economy as well as the federal end of it will be terminally crippled. Thank you for reading, Terry Ryckman , Ryckman Contracting, Brantford, Ontario.