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Ontario’s move to 1:1 apprenticeship ratios will NOT result in journeypersons being let go, he explains

One thing is undeniable: Premier Doug Ford is absolutely loathed by public sector unions in Ontario

December 14, 2018
By canadiancontractor

In Ontario, Premier Doug Ford has a target on his back when it comes to almost all unions – especially the public sector ones – and probably 99 per cent of all media outlets.

When it comes to his governments move to 1:1 apprenticeship ratios, some of these people are arguing contractors will start using cheaper apprentices rather than veteran trades.

Nonsense, Rob says in this post…

Because of the ratio change you will be able to let go of 16 trained professionals and hire 16 untrained people? Hahahahahaha!
Anybody in business knows money is made off of skill not the other way around. Whoever this this cannot expect real business people to believe it…