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Opinion: It’s like maggots on decaying corpses

February 19, 2020
By Rob Blackstien

Last week, we ran a press release from Skills Ontario that aimed to debunk myths about skilled trades.

Well, Questo — as he is wont to do — took exception to this list of myths, arguing that the agency missed the most important one of all. We’ll let his rant speak for itself…

Dear, Skills Ontario CEO Ian Howcroft,


You forget the biggest reality of all or was it intended to be concealed?

The bogus agencies and bogus licenses/bogus permits on the trades people to operate their carries.

So you know that for sure, but rather not saying, right? Convenient ins’t it?

The biggest reality in the skills trades in Ontario are: Too many none for profit organizations acting as salesman of trades licenses. Can be compared with maggots on decaying corpses.

They love to be in control of someone’s legal trade license, making that look like not legit. Make trades people looking like criminals to operate.

You either buy our so called license or face demise. The MTCU license is the one (that has) international value. All others are nothing but legalized robbery, extortion, coercion, cunning.

It’s a shameful collection services.

It’s a fundamental human rights violation. Free to operate on his/her carries without any form of extortion barriers.

No matter if legislation was passed to obtain the coercive license in exchange for a payment. It became unlawful from the start. Unless it was on the free voluntary vote for the benefit of the trades, whatever skills direction. When and where did these votes take place?

The Ontario trades people became specific targets, for extortion (discrimination on a specific trade’s skills for extortion).

That’s the reality.

Furthermore, coercive licenses are direct intimidation, a threat, unlawful, posed as real. Can be viewed as fraud or criminal intent to obtain funds with unnecessary oversight. Using none for profit organizations as the scape goat (SCAMS).

And after you have all these bogus licenses, you still have to apply for permits.

What should the point be in the trades?

Take your so called licenses, from ESA/ECRA, (LEC) TSAA, OCOT and all others, go to Europe and other countries. Show these licenses to apply for your job carrier? See if you obtain any credit for them to work? All these licenses will be thrown into the trashcan, so much value, huh?

If you show the MTCU certificate and license then you can work. Can you see the difference?

When all the garbage coercive licenses and permits, to operate, are thrown into the garbage can where they belong, then Ontario may indeed have a big flow on the trades people.

The dignity they all deserve.

Well, that was an impressive tirade. Kudos! And it begs the question of whether Questo is on to something here or not. Contractor Nation, do you agree with his sentiment or is he overblowing things?

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2 Comments » for Opinion: It’s like maggots on decaying corpses
  1. Mark Mitchell says:

    Questo, as usual, is on point. I am with him as to say that there are too many new supposed non-profit industries created to hinder us, rather than help us. How is it possible that TSSA can send me a notice that they are raising their rates by 13% over the next 3 years? Can I raise my rates that much and still be awarded projects?
    The Ontario govt may say they want to encourage people to get into the trades, both skilled and craft, the Federal govt can say the same, but they ignore all the barriers that other departments create to discourage participation. Like many other things here, services and taxes are very fragmented, and the law of unintended consequences has resulted in more people walking away from construction than entering in.
    On a lighter note, Mr Questo has always used very colourful language to express himself, remarkably well for someone for whom english is not his first language. I’m curious to know where he originated from, my guess is Eastern Europe?

  2. Questo says:

    Hi Mark,

    To satisfy your curiosity, I am not from Eastern Europe. It’s 180 degrees, got it?

    Apparently Ontario became too attractive for salesmen of propaganda, introducing fake papers and calling it legal. The same ones are unable to produce anything, parasites per say.

    The big problem we all face as compulsory trades people here in Ontario is that the Ontario Government is unable to fix what needs to be done. It’s clear, politicians have no knowledge of anything, mistakes of billions of dollars and more increase debt to be paid (idiots).

    Family micro business is the key for stable economy. But politicians would rather sell our resources and talents to the big corporations, non for profit orgs, seems the more attractive ones. Why these are allowed beyond the charities non for profit orgs. I wonder if these shady orgs are used for money laundering.

    The funds paid to these crooks could be used with low interest rates for the micro business ventures. Using this method, any trades skills could have their own family members employed. Big corps are unstable, sucking up billions of dollars from our tax dollars, and closed down, or move away, how this can be allowed?

    Skills Ontario CEO Ian Howcroft loves to sell propaganda. Are you looking for slaves to be in the trades, Mr. Ian? Good luck!

    Why didn’t he research how many trades compulsory people just quit from their trades because the stupidity of our government allowing deceptive legislation to target trades people. It was a very disrespectful move (violations in the Human Rights Code, plus Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms)… “Nobody seems to notice,” (George Carlin).

    For example, I have a few college degrees in other trades beyond (CQ, E) and I could go on for using some of them, but quit on the CQ electrical. I didn’t allow myself to become a slave of these Al Capone apparatus. I was in the CQ electrical for 24 years in Ontario alone plus 10 in Europe, when all these garbage collection services came into place. I had to close down my electrical business, not want to be in the control of the ESA/ECRA (LEC) paranoia (money collectors).

    Looks like propaganda became an attractive business in Ontario, at the cost of the trades people.

    When is all of this going to end?

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