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Opinion: Montreal can be carbon neutral by 2050


Engineering firm believes Montreal could get there before Canada as a whole

The following excerpts from a press release from Montreal-based consulting engineering firm Martin Roy et Associes (MRA) represent the company’s opinion of whether the stated goals of having Canada and Montreal carbon-neutral by 2050 are feasible.

At the launch of the revamped mission statement and new corporate identity of Martin Roy et associés, engineer Martin Roy commented on the ambitious announcements made recently in favour of a carbon-neutral Canada and Montréal by 2050.

“At the national level, the resiliency of this goal is sure to be tested by ‘political change,’ the effects of which can sometimes be as devastating as a tsunami that sweeps away all the progress made. At the municipal level, and specifically in regard to the objective targeting carbon-neutral building stock for Montréal by 2050, I am much more optimistic, and I believe it’s within our grasp. But we will have to quickly mobilize all the stakeholders for whom this goal is a priority. That’s not easy to do, but it’s worth it because in the context of a specific project, it’s doable. The design approaches, benchmarks, modelling tools and green materials and technologies we need to get there all exist today. Developing solutions to achieve carbon-neutrality in our buildings and transportation is part of daily life here at MRA,” stated the firm’s president.

Recognized for his unflagging energy and involvement in the community, Alexandre Bouchard, a partner at MRA and the director of its Saguenay office, summed up the firm’s approach: “We understand that the impact of our services and of the projects we’re working on is part of something that is bigger than us and belongs to society as a whole. That’s why, in all our projects, we take a bold and collaborative approach to design that promotes environmental regeneration and the conservation of resources. Our commitment to sustainability goes far beyond meeting client demands and complying with regulations. Whether it’s achieving carbon neutrality or a net positive impact, restoring environments, shifting to renewable energy sources, preserving air quality or managing water and energy efficiently, we have successfully shown what can be done and inspired our industry to address these challenges more than once. We are proud to be influencers, and we are actively working to transition to solutions that have a positive net impact on the climate.”


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