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Why would Ottawa charge students to view National Building Code?

Why would it charge anyone?

I am working on my Construction Management Certificate at SAIT in Calgary, AB, and I find it so completely ridiculous that our government forces us to build homes according to the “code” (National Building Code of Canada) but then denies us access to it (i.e., view it online for reference) unless we pay them almost $300. This is our corrupt government for you!!!!


Editor’s Note:  Actually the price is MORE than $300 if you want a paper copy ($350) or a permanent download PDF (ALSO $350… not a nickel discount for them not having to print the thing… only the government would come up with pricing this irrational). A 2 month subscription online is $45; 4 months $70; 1 year $140


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  1. Tim Goforth says:

    I’m a general contractor in Montreal. It must have taken some wonderful lobbying by the professional associations to convince the Government to charge for access to the NBC.
    Until I purchased a copy I was forced to pay one of these professionals every time I had a question.
    Am I wrong to be upset that I’m forced to pay twice for this information?
    The NBC was written and is updated by a bureaucracy that is funded from taxes n’est ce pas ?

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